The future: visions, plans, & trust

I thought I posted this a while back, but I just found it in my drafts today as I decided to revamp my blog:

This past weekend I went on a student retreat with Hope Fellowship Church, a local church here in Denton. We spent the weekend in a cozy lodge in Oklahoma– 30 people, perfect weather, good food, intentional time with God, music, worship, games, relaxing. We had three teachings, which resolved around the theme of vision: What is Godly vision? What is God’s hand in/on our lives? and How can I have Godly vision?

It was awesome to see God’s words speak to people in such ways relevant to each person’s own situation and to also experience the unity of His Spirit.

For me personally, here are some things that stood out to me and some questions I have squirming around in my brain:
•God wants me to have life fully– not to be worried or miserable
•The decisions I make now depend on my picture of the future
•What is my picture of the future? Why is that my picture of the future? Have I prayed about it? Does is come from me or from God?


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