Desicions: The God of Free Will.

Here are a few prominent lessons that God has been teaching me the past two weeks, each interrelated:

  1. God, my Father, calls me His daughter and loves me just the same as His son, Jesus Christ. He, who is good, created me and lives within me; therefore, I am good. Please pray that this will be transformed from head knowledge to also an understanding of the heart.
  2. God does not always give us one “right” way and one “wrong” way from which to choose. While in some cases this is true, there are other instances in which God allows for two (or maybe more) paths– neither being an incorrect decision that would stray us away from the blessing and will of God. I believe that sometimes God gives us choices and says, 

“Which ever way you choose I will bless you. Because of me, you are made good. Learn to trust the goodness that lives within you.”

For me, I oftentimes get too caught up in making the “right” or “wrong” decision to the point where I am burdened under the law. Now, there are definitely times when we seek God’s counsel and he says, “Yes, this way is of me” or “No, do not choose this.” Which, to me, makes it easier. I think it’s so much easier (most of the time) for God to say, “Yes” or “No,” and I will obey. Even in this case, God gives us the free will to choose our way over His way. However, I do not serve a God who dictates my every step; I serve a God who allows me certain decisions to walk in the freedom that comes from Him alone.

“And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way, walk you in it, when you turn to the right hand, and when you turn to the left.” 
-Isaiah 30:21 

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