1 Month Gone. 1 Month to Go.

So, yesterday marked the one month period at GSP in Colorado Springs, CO. A part of me feels as if the time has gone by too quickly considering we only have about one month left, while the other part of me feels as if we have been here a while considering how closely I’ve already grown with the people, all the activities we have done, and, most importantly, all that God has already taught me.

Here are the major themes that God keeps teaching/reminding me and that seem to link together all the smaller lessons in between:

  • God is constantly and intimately pursuing me even when I’m filthy. Grace.
  • The beauty of vulnerability. Unashamed.
  • Obedience is greater than sacrifice. Faithful.
  • Prayer is EXTREMELY important and powerful. Never weary of praying for the same request over and over again.
  • God’s promises never change just as He never changes. Trust.

I know these may seem like simple lessons; however, in hind sight, these were all things that I knew (head knowledge) but never truly experienced until now. Also, I believe that many times it’s the simple lessons of which God often has to remind us. Know that God is drastically working in my heart right now. As He does, I pray that He will reach your heart so much that you will desire and run after Him like no other. He is our one true love.

My Team: Maye (Mexico), Jorine (Holland), Kelsey (Iowa), Asanda (South Africa)

Thank you for all who listened to the voice of God and helped me get here and thank you all for your prayers– they mean more than you’ll ever know.

I plan to update more often with more in-depth topics for the remaining month, so be sure to check back!


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