Sunday I made some new friends while relaxing, enjoying God's beautiful creation outdoors. They were having a prayer meeting, so my friend and I joined. It was awesome. God is awesome. We went around praying for one another and asking God what it was He would have us to speak over or prophesy over our brother or sister in Christ.

What God spoke to me:
1.) Be diligent where I am now even though I feel as if it doesn't matter. Then, He will continue to reward me and give me more responsibilities for His kingdom.
2.) There is no condemnation in love. This will be revealed to me through relationships.
3.) God has given me a gift of discernment and a very sensitive heart for people. He is going to use that where ever He takes me.

The third one, I've been told my whole life and see and believe it whole heartedly. Amen.
The second I thiiiiink I know where He's going with that, but I'm still not certain.
However, the first God gave me revelation on today! Hallelujah! It's so awesome and encouraging to see God's work!

To be continued…


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