I am nothing.

My apologies all to whom I have not been a good example of Christ. I hope I haven’t caused anyone to stumble or that I have not given a bad perception of Christianity or Christ. Guess that's what happens when ya try to rely on your own strength. I'm trusting in the Lord alone now– trying to at least. I had started to lose sight, but with His help and grace I know it is possible; however, I am human. Though I am dead to sin, I am not perfect. Like Romans 7:15-25, there's an on-going battle going on inside me between flesh and Spirit. I thank God that the battle is already won. I only wish that I wasn't so weak. Yet, that weakness teaches me dependence on the Lord and helps me realize how much I truly need Him. Father, help me look to You for strength and not within. I am weak. You are strong. Thank you for your grace. Humble me, Father. Consume my heart. Help me trust in Your perfect time and plan. Yahweh. Amen.


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