Summer 2010

It’s hard to believe this year is already half way over, and already so much has happened. So much time has elapsed, yet it feels like none at all. I’m amazed at how much can happen in such, what seems like, a short amount of time. Looking back from 2009 to now, I have changed and matured so much.

I started seeking after God and restoring my relationship with Him. I have not felt so good in a very long time. In the Lord, there is a peace and joy– a fulfillment that I longed for whenever my relationship with Him was lacking. I searched and searched to fill that void in all sorts of ways, and nothing seemed to work. I grew weary and frustrated, and finally I realize that God is the only one who can fill this void in my life that I’ve longingly and unsuccessfully tried to fill any way possible. I put my trust and hope in worldly things and people, and was only disappointed. God is the only one who will never disappoint– I’ve learned that I must look to Him, and not to the things of this Earth. His plan may not match up with what you had in mind, but it will always lead to more happiness and blessings than you can imagine. He gives us sufferings and hard ships, but He will never give us more than we can handle and will never leave us on our own. This year already is a testament to this; He has revealed so much to me. It’s too powerful to put into words. Daily, I am reminded of His beauty and awesomeness simply by taking a few extra minutes to slow down and actually look at His creations– from the sun set to the trees to people (yes, even those you don’t like). Everything is definitely made by Him and reveals His glory. He is the center of the universe. Without Him, this world would fall apart– at least my world would.

He is my strength, my endurance, my reason. This summer, without the pressure of school and everything that accompanies that, I am excited to draw even closer to God, Jesus Christ, my redeemer. To live my life, purposefully, for Him.


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